BOOKSHOP EDITION – a single volume of 488 pages, covering some 80 events with 530 photographs, every one annotated with Phil’s rich and detailed captions.

COLLECTOR’S EDITION – two volumes, each of around 480 pages, covering all 90 events that Phil photographed between 1950 and 1962 and including his entire archive of over 1150 photographs, all captioned as above.

THE RACING AUTOBIOGRAPHY – the full story of Phil’s formative years and racing life, from his Californian childhood during the 1930s to the start of his later years as a much loved elder statesman of the American vintage and classic car movement.

CONNOISSEUR’S EDITION – limited to just 100 signed and numbered copies, combining the two Collector’s volumes and The Racing Autobiography, all three volumes leather-bound and presented in two beautifully appointed clamshell cases.


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